Leeds Adult Learning Application Form 2020-21

Thank you for your interest in Leeds Adult Learning. To get you started, we need to collect some information about you.
Funding for Adult Learning courses in Leeds is provided by the Education and Skills Funding Agency and we are required to collect information on their behalf.  Full details of how we will use your information is included later.

We do not expect it to take more than a few minutes to complete your enrolment, however should you need support to complete it, please contact acls@leeds.gov.uk, tell us the name of the course you are interested in and we will arrange for someone to contact you.

I understand that places may be limited on my chosen course and that I may be placed on a waiting list or offered an alternative if this is the case.

Some  courses will be delivered using Google Suite for Education and will require you to use Google applications such as Chrome. Where this is the case, the course title will include a short code e.g. GCAE.