1. Project Development Team Referral - Introduction

Project Development Team Referral Form
This form is to be used to refer individuals into the Project Development Team (PDT).

Referral Criteria
We accept referrals for local residents who want to:
  • Join one of our existing support groups or projects
  • Work with us to set up their own group or project to support the health wellbeing of people in their community
  • Become a Community Health Champion volunteer and help us to deliver health and wellbeing based groups and activities in their community
  • Access wider support offered through Leeds City Council e.g. housing, benefit or employment support
  • Access support around digital exclusion, including loaning an internet ready device
  • To support residents to access their local library service (events, activities, support)

  • 18+
  • Leeds resident (or registered with a Leeds GP)
  • Happy and willing to follow the virtual group etiquette 

We are unable to work with individuals who are: 
  • Under 18
  • Not a resident of Leeds 
  • Requires clinical mental health support 
  • A danger to themselves or others

We are keen to work with individuals to develop the groups and activities they would like to see in their area. To do this projects have to represent our key principles:
  • Promote positive health and wellbeing in their community
  • Led by residents and based on the needs of the area
  • Groups and activities which are free to participate in 

We are unable to support groups and activities which:
  • Promote competitions or gambling
  • Are focused on generating money or profit
  • Promote political views
  • Do not represent or meet wider needs of the community 
  • Do not serve to improve the health and wellbeing of the local community
Privacy and Data Protection

Leeds City Council (as data controller) will use this information to contact the person being referred, for the purpose of providing information and support regarding access to health and wellbeing support groups. By making this referral you are confirming that you have consent from the person being referred, to share their details with us, and for us to use their details for the above purpose. We will not share this personal information with any third party unless we have strict and specific consent from the person being referred.
We will keep all information safe and secure in line with UK data protection law. Data will be processed by the relevant teams within Leeds City Council. We will store this information for 60 days after contact has ended with the referred person.
Further information regarding how the council processes your personal data including your rights and contact details for our Data Protection Officer can be found on our website here. Full information on your rights are available from the Information Commissioners Office here.

1. Do you have consent from the person being referred to share their information with us and for the PDT to contact the individual? *