Consultation on a proposal to decommission the speech and language Resourced Provision at Gledhow Primary School

This survey is being run by the Learning Systems service at Leeds City Council


Leeds City Council is proposing to decommission the speech and language resourced provision at Gledhow Primary School from August 2022.

Over the last few years, the nature of SEND provision for speech and language communication difficulties within Leeds has changed dramatically. Previously specialist Speech and Language provision was only available through the limited number of established Resource Provisions within mainstream primary and secondary schools.

The NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service (SALT) has since improved to allow children to access direct support from a Speech and Language Therapist whilst being on roll at their local mainstream school. The children can now remain within their local community rather than transporting them across the city, away from their peers, to receive the support that they need.

This has led to speech and language specific Resourced Provisions in Leeds schools reducing in number, due to the lack of demand for these specialist school places. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the new offer and the confidence of parents and families in choosing their local mainstream school for the delivery of SALT provision.

Currently there is only one pupil attending Gledhow Resourced Provision and they are due to move into secondary school this academic year, ahead of the proposed decommission. Therefore, no pupils would be directly affected by this change. 

In ceasing the provision at Gledhow Primary school there would be no impact on the types and amount of provision children with speech and language communication difficulties would receive, due to the improved SALT offer within Leeds schools.

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This public consultation is an opportunity for you to find out more and have your say. Your views will help the school and the council decide next steps so it’s important that you share your thoughts with us now before any decisions are taken.  We would like to encourage you to share your views about the proposal to decommission the speech and language provision by completing this online survey by 4pm on 3rd February 2022.

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