Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Plan - Reg 14


1. Introduction


This survey is being undertaken on behalf of Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Forum.

The Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Plan is now being consulted on for the Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation, after which the Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Forum will formally submit the Plan to Leeds City Council, to be examined by an Independent Examiner.

Before Submission, the Forum would welcome your views to help the Plan progress to the next stage, where the Plan can incorporate your recommendations where appropriate to form the Submission Version.

Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Plan Vision
Little Woodhouse will be a strong and resilient mixed and balanced community of long-term residents, families, students and young professionals, with good connections to the nearby city centre, the universities, the LGI hospital and major transport links.  There will be strong community links across different groups and organisations involved in the area.

The Little Woodhouse area will retain and respect its rich heritage of buildings, streets and green spaces and will provide an attractive environment to residents and visitors, resilient to climate change. There will be clean and tidy streets with improvements in the environment, including litter collection, parking arrangements and safe bus, cycling and pedestrian routes.


The area will offer sustainable places to live to different sized households and different age groups with opportunities to work, study, shop, and to enjoy leisure and healthy exercise close by. There will be good access to health and education services for all age groups. It will be a tranquil area with a low crime rate for an inner-city area.


The survey allows you to answer depending how much time you have. You can answer a single question anonymously, up to a more detailed survey of 39 optional questions in total.

The detailed part of the survey is grouped into detailed questions about each theme of the plan, and questions about you. If you do not wish to answer a set of questions you can skip them. The questions that enable you to skip a section are labelled 'Navigation - [Theme]'.

Little Woodhouse Neighbourhood Forum would like you to answer as many questions as possible, however you can answer as many or as few as you would like. Please respond by 5pm on 19th July 2024.

If you need to speak to someone about this survey then please email or telephone 0113 378 7997.