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Join the Leeds Youth Council network 

This is an online membership form  to join the Leeds Youth Council network - a great way to meet new people, learn skills, build confidence and work on positive campaigns such as equality, mental health, improving public transport and tackling climate change.

The LYC network is open to anyone aged 10 - 18 (or up to 25 if you have additional needs) who lives in, or goes to school/college in Leeds. 

What is the LYC network?

The LYC is group of over 450 young people from Leeds who are passionate about making it a better city. 

Once you submit this online membership form, you will start to receive monthly emails from Leeds Youth Voice - a part of Leeds City Council - with information about  loads of different youth voice opportunities in Leeds and beyond. Things like;

  • Invites to attend events, meetings and workshops
  • The chance to apply to become a Member of Youth Parliament for Leeds or to apply to sit on the Leeds Youth Council working group
  • Invites to sit on judging panels such as for the Child Friendly Leeds awards or Leeds Children's Mayor
  • The chance to have your say on big issues such as recycling, public transport, mental health and youth activities 
  • Invites to sit on staff recruitment and commissioning panels for Leeds City Council
  • Meet and discuss important issues local decision makers, local Councillors and MPs
  • Competitions, social events and more!
Don't forget, taking part in the LYC counts as volunteering so anything you get involved in will look amazing on your CV or on application forms.

Filling in the online membership form

It should take you about 3 minutes to complete the membership form. If you are aged 13 or under you may need help from your parents or carers.

If you do not have your own email address you should use the email address of one of your parents or carers  - but please make sure you ask them first and make sure they show or print you the emails when they come through from us

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