Moor Allerton Hall Consultation

This survey is being run by the Sufficiency and Participation Team at Leeds City Council.

To address the longer term need for additional primary school places in the local area, Leeds City Council is proposing that Moor Allerton Hall Primary School is permanently expanded on its existing site from 60 places (2 forms of entry (2FE)) to 90 places (3FE) in reception from September 2019. The total number of children in the school would then increase year on year.

We are currently in the informal part of the consultation process. This will last until 4 May 2018 and during this time stakeholders including parents and carers, local residents and other interested parties will have the opportunity to share their views about the proposals with the council.
At this stage we are asking for your comments on the principle of Moor Allerton Hall Primary School increasing its capacity to allow for additional children. If the proposals were to progress to the planning stage there would be the opportunity to comment specifically about the build itself as part of any planning applications.
At this stage, we are asking stakeholders to tell us:
  • Whether you support or oppose with the proposal to expand the school; and
  • What are the reasons for those views

We have created a consultation document which explains the proposals and provides background information, click to download it here. We recommend that you read this document before answering the questions in this survey.

It should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to answer the questions.

The last day that you can respond is 4 May 2018.

Please note, questions marked with a red asterisk(*) are mandatory.
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