Community Engagement Survey

This survey is being run by the Sufficiency & Participation Team at Leeds City Council.
As a council we are committed to ensuring the children in outer north east Leeds have access to outstanding educational provision, and that the local schools in the area are the first choice for families and their children.
Recently Boston Spa High School has applied to become an academy. This has implications for the way school places as a whole are organised in Wetherby and Boston Spa, and the council has requested the Regional Schools Commissioner and the Secretary of State delay a decision on this to enable the views of the community to be sought.
Both Wetherby High School and Boston Spa High School have too few pupils attending; a situation which is likely to continue as pupil numbers in the area do not demonstrate the ongoing need for two secondary schools. The view of the council is that one secondary school is needed in the area and that school should be located in the town of Wetherby, as the major population centre with good transport links and other facilities available. Creating one school rather than the existing two would address current viability issues and help to support increasing the quality of education provision in the area.
In light of this we are seeking the views of the community on the future of school places in the area.
It should be clear that this is not a formal consultation. There is no statutory decision the council can take based on the outcome of this survey. But we do think it’s important that you have the opportunity now to contribute to discussions about how school places in the area are organised in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children, for decades to come. The local authority feel that everyone in the Outer North East of Leeds and parents sending their children to the schools, should have the opportunity to contribute their views to the long term planning of those places.
The Community Engagement Survey Document sets out the issues and provides data and information on both schools as well as setting out what the options and implications are. We advise you carefully read the full Community Engagement Survey document before completing this survey.
This survey is open to respondents until midnight on 25 March 2018.
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