Support during lockdown - children and young people with SEND


Lockdown 2020 - your experience

Your Experience of Lockdown 2020

In previous years students from the SILC’s and Lighthouse School have taken over the November SEND Partnership Board meeting at Leeds Civic Hall. However, this year due to the Coronavirus students are unable to attend Leeds Civic Hall in person.
Young people across the city have had different experiences during the coronavirus and lockdown, and we want to share these experiences with the SEND Partnership Board. In November a short film and report will be presented to the board virtually to share the experiences of young people with SEND in Leeds during the coronavirus lockdown.
We are asking young people with SEND to answer five questions about their experience of the coronavirus lockdown.
Students from the SILC’s and Lighthouse School will be creating a short video to present back the experiences and we will also write a full report for the board.