The Big Leeds Climate Conversation

The Big Leeds Climate Conversation is a mass engagement campaign with every community in Leeds to develop a citywide plan for tackling climate change. 

It is being delivered in partnership with the independent Leeds Climate Commission and is part of the council's response to the climate emergency. 

What is the climate emergency?

Last year, a landmark report by the United Nations warned that--unless urgent action is taken--the opportunity to avoid the worst effects of climate change will be missed. We are also seeing a catastrophic decline in bees and other pollinating insects and an increasing number of threatened and endangered species.

In response to these findings, Leeds City Council has formally declared a climate emergency and committed to work towards becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2030.

Additionally, the Leeds Climate Commission has produced a science-based roadmap report showing how the ambitious target could be achieved.

This will require huge changes to the way we live and work. We will need to reduce our emissions as much as we can and plant enough greenery to absorb any emissions that we cannot reduce.

This won’t be possible without the widespread support of the government, organisations and residents. But it is also an unprecedented opportunity to improve our quality of life and shape a city that is healthier, more sustainable, and fairer for everyone.
This questionnaire should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We will ask you questions about three topics.

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