Third Sector Infrastructure Support Survey


This survey is being run by the Communities Team, Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council, with support from Voluntary Action Leeds, are undertaking a review of the support, information and advice the local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and groups of Leeds need. We are inviting you to share the priorities from your organisation's perspective. We cannot guarantee that every need will be met, but this information will be used to inform the council's future investment and the support available. It could also be helpful in securing other financial and in kind support for the sector.

Set out below is a range of support that may be required by Third Sector organisations depending on their size, stage of development or need at a particular point in time.

Your views are important and we are inviting you to:
  • Rate the options under each category to identify which are the most important for your group, project or organisation and comment or add anything you feel is missing
  • Review the category headings, identify your priorities and add anything you feel is missing
In order to ensure that this work is informed by responses from a cross section of organisations we require you to provide some basic information at the end of this survey. You can choose NOT to provide your name or the name of your organisation.


It should take you about 15 to 20 minutes to answer all the questions. The last day that you can respond is 21 January 2019

If you need to speak to someone about this survey then please email:  

We also plan to hold a small number of focus groups to get more detailed feedback from a cross section of organisations. If you wish to register your interest in taking part please provide the following information:

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